• Description of Painting Title –Modern Women Lifestyle Size – 12 by 18 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 2500 /- Concept Being a woman can be fun, but it isn’t easy. Every woman in her 20s, 30s and 40s will agree. This painting shows the complete stages of woman who is modern, working and independent.
  • Description of Painting Title –Women Signifies World Size – 15.5 by 19.5 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 1200 /- Concept My concept in regards to this work of art is devote to the life of women who dependably go along with one string to another . This five bits of wood contains the 5 components - air,water,sky,fire and earth in the comparable way women is additionally comprise of every one of the 5 components as the women is smooth as air, pure as water, brilliant as sky ,solid as flame and steady as earth. Likewise this five component is made by god by the women. As in this surface caterpillar is the primary phase of bignning, then come to butterfly has a place with flexibility and being a fairy who continually convey joy and well wishes to everybody's life. Women power and motivation respect by the world.
  • Description of Painting Title –Konark Festival Size – 18 by 14 Medium – oil colors surface – Canvas Pad/Sheet (Without Frame) year – 2015 sale price – 3000 /- Concept Konark (Surya Mandir) in Odisha near Puri ,India is a famous tourist place and has great attraction for the country and the foreign tourists. Many forms of Indian Odysee dance originated from the Konark now a dilapated monument which has a place“underlined”  in history . Every year Konark festival is celebrated in winter which are witnessed by huge crowd of classical dance/art lovers and many world renowned artists feel privileged to participate. The Konark  festival  is internationally recognized. The celebration runs over the night  in  moon light which is enjoyed by local residents and the tourists. I am residing at Bhubaneswar which is about 2 hrs journey and tried to capture the glimpse in my painting the Konark festival. In the back ground is the part of Konark (Surya Temple) .
  • Description of Painting Title – Women makes a world proud Size – 12.1 by19 Medium – Acrylic and water colour on paper surface – Sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1500 /-   Concept Being a girl i know the worth of women and women makes the whole world proud as the world signifies the women BHARAT MATA and represents the whole world by her well wishes . world is created by women which is nicely shown that how strong reflection of happiness has been given by the women to this world
  • Description of Sculpture  Title – Birth of World Size –27*14*9(h*w*d) Medium – Mix media surface – Sheet year – 2017 sale price – 3000 /- Concept This Installation is the Figure of a women who contains a Baby Inside her by yielding her excellence and wellbeing,in Spite of the Fact that she is upbeat that she is giving a Birth to new World as the entire World indicates  the women. In like manner the Connection of a Cord from women to Child Navel Has been appeared in the way of thread and Button. A Child is Universe of each mother and she cherish her infant all by her heart. By Feeling each sort of emotions she will bring Forth another life as said that she is somebody's reality and she herself Make another World.
  • Description of Painting Title – Power of rights Size –14x24 Medium – Mix media on paper surface – Sheet year – 2017 sale price – 600 /- Concept I have created a warrior lady going on a war with demons and all the bad things which comes in her way She is on a beast who is helping her to face all her obsticals By this i have shown the powers and rights in the form of the beast which is helping her . And in the background there is a soft and light colors which shows that,  a girl is coming out of her all comfort zone to face the world with the right use of the powers and the rights a girl have .
  • Description of Painting Title –Mother Teresa Size – 6 by 8 Medium –Encaustic Wax surface – paper year – 2017 sale price – 1000 /- Concept One heart full of Love, forgive them, be kind and be honest; above all just be happy Lived to help She was the one who said:”Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”
  • Description of Painting Title –Steel Lady Size – 24 by 36 Medium – Encaustic Wax surface – Paper year – 2017 sale price – 1000 /- Concept The power to question is the basis of all human progress" her great words were. she moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace. She speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation and the life she lead is of her own creation.
  • Description of Painting Title –Illuminate Size – 55 by 40 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 40,000 /- Concept Young girl, teen in high school, university student, newly married, mother, grandmother, no matter the age or status, every woman has dreams and reserves the right to realise those dreams. Education and Knowledge will be the tools towards achieving her dreams and give her the power to change the world.
  • Description of Painting Title – Innocence Size – 8.27 by 11.69 Medium – Acryliccolors surface – Graphite and Charcoal on Paper year – 2016 sale price – 2000 /- Concept About 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate in India. It is every citizens responsibility to nurture these innocent minds into beautiful individuals. Lets join hands to provide the right to education for every girl child.
  • Description of Painting Title – Mother As 1st Teacher Size – 12 by 11 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 1500 /- Concept WOMEN is   1st teacher for every child. Every mother sacrifices for her child progress till her death. She does selfless service. teaches how to talk, eat, think, values, behaviour and everything and protects the child from worldly hardships.   Educated women   can guide their children as better citizens and thus a better nation. Left side of painting shows child growing through stages.Both sides two hands are protecting the child from harsh sun. Mother is in simple dress and getup as she sacrifices every thing for child.
  • Description of Painting Title –Education is the wings of women Size – 20.5 by 12 Medium – water color and poster color surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 2000 /- Concept I was making a painting on topic 'Educate a women,educate a nation'.In this painting my concept was that, a girl can achieve their aim or goal by continuous moving towards the goal even after facing the many problems .she can fulfill their dreams with the help of education,but for this she needs the support of their family ,friends and relatives.woman can do everything but for this she must be educated . The real fact is- You educate a man, You only educate a man. But You educate a woman, You educate a generation or nation.
  • Description of Painting Title –Upskill Women Size – 19.5 by 11.5 Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 500 /- Concept Its easy for woman to get lost in a sea of historic rhetoric swimming against the current,woman have had to speak louder to get their voices heard. They have to create rooms of their own.Our list today aims to open the door and peer inside.There ae women who have found the rooms and encouraged other women to do the same. So, here's my painting based on a concept that today every girl is dreaming of being independent and they are entering in every possible feild.They are proving their worth.They also proved that they can do everything they want to. women are one-half of our human resources and we increasingly see the beneficial effects of educated women in all realms of life and in all parts of the world
  • Description of Painting Title –Lighting world Size – 19 by 12 Medium – acryliccolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 2500 /- Concept I choose this concept to present the topic "educate a Woman, Educate a Nation". I present the struggle faced by a Female when she take a stand for herself.Many obstacle came in her life but she face them happily and definitely she gloom with light.education plays major role in life and it leads to growth of nation.In my painting a girl studying in low light shows her effort and her passion for education,in hope to move towards the bright future through background. As woman educate ,she leads to the new change and hope for other and make her nation proud.
  • Description of Painting Title –Spreading Roots Size – 16 by 20 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 2700 /- Concept spreading roots is a painting which shows the importance and advantages of educating a woman.Educating a woman is like growing a tree which spreads its roots further and possess the capacity of creating a forest. The tree here depicts knowledge and woman with closed eyes shows how she absorbs the knowledge and spread it also at the same time.
  • Description of Painting Title –It Designs My Feeling Size – 13 by 18.5 Medium – acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 800 /- Concept (POEM) Dim may be the lights, but showing how it feels, poor may be the day, but reacting how it seems, standing near by him, making me alive, sad i was feeling, but he always guide. seems i was not lucky, to be for dat dy, but later how lucky i am, feeling fortunate that way. this painting is all about my feelings for my father designs the life and emotions of the life of women , as what most important individual of her life is her dad who dependably remain close by. so i made this arrangement demonstrting the relationship of a women with her father that how solid holding a women have with her father. this theory of designs justify the emotions and situation of her life.
  • Description of Painting Title – Animal Breastfeeding Size –36 by 36 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 10,000 /- Concept In some parts of Rajasthan, a state in India, Woman, out of humanity, breastfeed the new born animal's child, who lost his mother due to some reason, along with breastfeeding her own human child. Animal breastfeeding is very famous in those parts of Rajasthan and many news of this topic also came many years ago on the youtube. hence I made a simple Rajasthani women breastfeeding her own human child along with a new born animal child who lost her mother.
  • Description of Painting Title –Bold but bowed Size – 18 by 14 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – Canvas Sheet/Pad (Without Frame) year – 2017 sale price – 4000 /- Concept In our day to day life we find that the women at every stage of their life whether as house wife ,working women have to have their duties on their head irrespective of their age ,education,earnings,power bowed down  before the men’s world. Their service is for 24 hrs like the needle of clock. The remain in a boundary though they are never the less than any body to whom they serve. The women in modern technological world have equal contribution to grow and fly. They serve dawn to dusk manage house and the outer world.This story is common in all houses. This has inspired me to paint an abstract.
  • Description of Painting Title - Birth of Designing Size - 15.3 by 20.2 Medium - Mix media on paper surface - Sheet year - 2017 sale price - 1200 /-   Concept This painting justify it all by itself that how birth of designing takes place and form a baby with different types of designs with sending lots of happiness towards colors which enhance the art beautifully.
  • Description of Painting Title –Making Of A Bride Size – 12 by 14 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 2000 /- Concept marriage is most important event in the life of man or women. But for women it is most beautiful event in her life. Here we can see the women on left is decorating face of bride .the man on right is putting mehandi designs on the palm of the bride. We can see the middle aged women is giving advise. where as the man in the back is taking photos for remembering the event .We can see the beautiful attire and ornaments of the bride.
  • Description of Painting Title –I am…. Size – 36 by 28 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 30,000 /- Concept Features, accessories, cultural adornments typically identify an individual. This is stereotypical of a woman's place in society. However, unless a woman has internal confidence, every external validation merely emphasizes her powerlessness. I believe a woman's identity exists even when she is not personally identifiable. "I am what I am and what you attribute to my identity does not change that".
  • Description of Painting Title –Dancing Divas Size – 12 by 16 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2014 sale price – 2000 /- Concept This abstract and innovative design is a representation of joyous and glamorous side of feminism. This inspiration came from the great fun night I had with my female friends and all the excitement we feel while making our home a dance floor.
  • Shakti Swaroopa

    Description of Painting Title –Power & Inspiration Size – 10.5 by 14 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 1500 /- Concept
    I have painted the Goddess Shakti with her weapon Trishul. Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother' in Hinduism.
    As the mother, she is known as Adi Parashakti or Adishakti. Hindus believe that Shakti is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation She is the only, eternal truth. The whole universe is her creation. She is the Great Goddess, and therefore the source of all other goddesses. She is supreme and regarded as the "Absolute Truth" in Shaktism.
    Goddess Shakti holds a weapon Trishul which symbolizes creation, maintenance and destruction.
    It is said in Hinduism, whenever there is an immense destruction, cruelty done in world, Shakti Swaroopa get empowered and destroys it.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Strength of women Size – 22 by 14 Medium – poster colors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1000 /- Concept A tree always gives us fruits and flowers in all seasons. No matter what problem it faces. It always provide us with fruits. Like women it also provide us with fruits in the form of her care and love. My painting portrays the strength of a women. I have related my painting to a tree that how a tree stays strong in all situations. In the same way a women stays strong in all situation and always handle problem with a smiling face.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Anuthama Size – 19.6 by 19.6 Medium – Mix Media surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 3500 /- Concept ANUTHAMA “OUTER STRENGTH IS OFTEN A REFLECTION OF SOMETHING STRONGER INSIDE ’’ -       UNKNOWN ‘SHATKTISWARUPA’ is the theme I chose paint under. Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power. A women may be personified as gentle and benevolent and at the same time a dynamic warrior who conquers the forces that threatens her. The symbol TRISHUL used depicts the qualities SATWA (purity), RAJAS (activity) and TAMAS (non-activity) I have placed the TRISHUL in the area between the eyebrows which is said to be the place of the SIXTH CHAKRA, AJNA – the seat of concealed wisdom. A women wears a red dot in this place called the bindi which is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It also signifies an inner vision thru mind’s eye or having a greater vision of life. The dot or the point at which creation begins and then ultimately unites with the universe. I have depicted the women as a picture of SERENITY with her inner strength displayed as thru TRISHUL
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Power of Woman Size – 16 by 12 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 1500 /- Concept This paintings symbolize nature/form of a woman. Woman's 2 sides are shown here. Blue shows calmness & red shows anger. Also white color in blue side shows water & yellow in red side shows fire which means a woman can be as calm as  water and as aggressive as fire. The dot on the forehead depicts her inner beauty/strength.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Origin Size – 40 by 40 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2016 sale price – 35,000 /- Concept There is balance in the world between everything; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly every girl or woman in this world has a special place and she will fill it with her hopes and disappointments; happiness and sorrows; successes and failures; and love and heartache. But at the origin there is just a girl and she has to have the emotional, mental and physical strength to face life's challenges and obstacles.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Conquer Size – 40 by 55 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2015 sale price – 40,000 /- Concept The world is also every woman's oyster; it can be what she wills it to be and she can be who she wishes to be. She is not bound by opinions, thoughts or rules; she lives unbound and free, standing tall and powerful ready to face every challenge.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Fortitude Size – 31 by 31 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 30,000 /- Concept Imbibing the strength, endurance, resilience of a horse, every woman has a fortitude with which she rises up to challenges such as societal pressures, gender inequality, economic challenges and even personal trials. This innate fortitude every woman has is what drives her to fight each and every day to be courageous and successful.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –SHAKTI Size – 18 by 28 Medium – Mix Media surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1200 /- Concept मैने पेंटिंग है को याह सोच कर बनाया हैं की भारतवर्ष मातृ प्रधान देश हैं जहां नारी यू हमेशा से उदाहरण बनी हैंI हर  क्षेत्र मे अपना स्थान बना कर यह  साबित कर दिया हैं की  हम किसी से कम  नही हैं, अपने घर को सम्भालते हुए समाज और देश के लिए हमेशा से सहयोग करती आई है I नारी नारी का हर एक रंग इसकी शक्ति व सुन्दरता को दर्शाता है। यही भाव मेने अपने इस चित्र में दुर्गा माता द्वारा दर्शाया है। इस चित्र में माता दुर्गा के जो केश है,वे इस तरह चारो दिशाओ में लहराते हुए यह दर्शा रहे है की हर क्षेत्र में अपनी पहचान को जकड के रखे हुए है,और इस चित्र में इन चारो युवतीयो को दुर्गा माता के समान चित्रित किया है।
  • Description of Painting Title – Shakti swarupa Size – Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 950 /- Concept "Shakti swarupa " is my watercolour painting, this is a very special and popular Bihari Art called Madhubani painting, It is very famous in India. There is a Hindu Mythological story that once upon a time, Shiv was busy in his meditation and Parvati ji who is his wife, came from behind and covered Shiv's eyes from behind, just to have fun with him. Hence this painting has a great value as per the Indian tradition
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Nirbhaya Size – 14 by 18 Medium – Oil surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 4000 /- Concept Brief of the painting which inspired me to paint:- The news in social media highlights the inhuman behavior on girls/women by the miscreant but never with the solutions. The law takes its course but the miscreant takes the advantage of the loop holes in law and its procedure. The women ‘NARI’ is the symbol of Shakti. It has tremendous power to destroy the “Asur” but has under mind their power of destruction because they are also the swarup of mother,sister,wife in the society. Once this Shakti awakes no body on earth dare to touch Nari with bad motives. In the painting the agni in the heart of victim has been shown in her face to take revenge. The woman’s face is wearing baby’s froak and girls dress who were victimized .
  • SOLD

    Description of Painting Title –Shakthi Size – 8.27 by 11.69 Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 800 /- Concept All across the world, the avatars of women are many. They can be as strong and fierce as business tycoons, sports wonders or political leaders and also melt over to become the softest corner for her kids or family to run to ! The look in her eyes says it all. Saluting women hood!
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Swaroop Size – 27.5 by 21.4 Medium – oil colors surface – wood year – 2017 sale price – 40,000 /- Concept Swaroop which shows us so many qualities of a person. like a women , she plays all roles for her family but if she have any passion like dance , painting , music etc. so she can play one more role (swaroop) for her passion... for herself.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –On The Way TO Worship Size – 20 by 22 Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2008 sale price – 4840/- Concept Shakti has many weapons for fighting. Women on earth has two main weapons. One is her beauty, second one is her faith in god. So many wars were fought for beauty of women like Cleopatra. With faith on god she sacrifice everything she has for achieving benefits of society around her, and her family welfare. She is the main force behind the family in effectively achieving targets. IN THE PAINTING YOU CAN SEE A WOMEN ON THE WAY TO WORSHIPING GOD.ONE HAND SHE CARRIES A PLATE WITH LIGHTS,POT OF WATER AND FLOWERS  FOR WORSHIP.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Stamp of Identity Size – 32 by 32 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 30,000 /- Concept A woman has the ability to take every situation that she encounters and imprint on it her own unique identity. She validates her individuality by inscribing on each situation her own brand of personality and strength.   Even  from "behind the scenes", she is visible and her stamp of uniqueness is noticeably felt.
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Felicity Size – 20 by 12 Medium – poster colour surface – Sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1200 /- Concept In my painting, I relate goddess with joker. While seeing God everyone forgot their problems and stress. God shows their love for us in countless ways. As well as while seeing joker performance all stress and problem become disappeared. Joker play their role with balls very well, woman's doing the same things in their relevant fields. Woman are the power of the nation. Today woman take over man in most of the fields either we talk about sports or we think about the first lady on space. Either we speak about their art or we can see some one's in boxing skills
  • Shakti Swarupa

    Description of Painting Title –Shakthi Swarupa of everyday women Size – 8.27 by 11.69 Medium – water colour surface – Sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1000 /- Concept Witness a Shakthi swarupa in every women in her everyday life, as she emerges with enormous strength and elegance  to shoulder her family , job and all while shining as the lifeline of our society
  • Description of Painting Title –Wings of Hope and Freedom Size – 22 by 15 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 11,000 /- Concept Women have proven time and again that they are no less than men. They are beginning to break the age-old shackles of prejudice and disparity. The women of substance are making an impact whether it is at home, workplace or in society at large. They are inspiring change by breaking the barriers by their grit and determination. They are standing up for what is right, against violence and oppression. They are achievers, dreamers, activists and leaders . They are motivating other women and are beacons of hope for the future generations. Let’s salute the steely soaring spirits of these women who inspire and trailblaze new paths ahead for all to emulate.
  • Description of Painting Title –Woman - Weaver to World Connector Size – 24 by 30 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 19,000 /- Concept Woman you have woven life like the weaver bird weaves her nest, You weave emotions with love and affection and bring change from time till date, Woman you have not only nested fate but also showed connections to bring life near, Connecting the world with corporate leadership skills and insipring changes, Woman you have deceiving technology innovations,imbibes hopes as astronaut, Connects people via social, admistrative, bureacarcy and other successful medias Woman you are not only just connecting homes, Also bring life's together as world connector, Woman you are a True Inspirer
  • Description of Painting Title –Conquer Size – 47 by 31 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2015 sale price – 30,000 /- Concept A woman has a mind of her own. She may choose a direction, thought or opinion that is opposite or in disagreement to those around her but in choosing that different path she learns, experiences and grows as a person. She inspires others to have the courage to think different, be different, and live different.
  • Description of Painting Title – Ruse of women Size –20.5 by 12 Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 1500 /- Concept As we know in chessboard all pieces have it's own moves or steps. In my concept I relate chess board to the real life of women. As we all know  when problems was occur the women can handle it in many ways . In this painting rope shows the tolerance ,punch shows strength, mask as an emotion and lighted bulb as an intelligence. This all act as an moves of an women in their difficult situations. In chess Queen have stepping more moves then  others pieces. The Queen represent the women and my concept represent the ruse of women...
  • Description of Painting Title – Couples Size –35 by 35 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year –  2017 sale price – 9000 /- Concept It is my own concept art where I have used 36 colours in the background, and have applied the colour theory 4 times in a single painting with four focal points, This painting is about two distinct types of married couples we see in the society. Traditionally many women are still in "Burkha / Parda / Ghunghat " system , after marriage, they become maids in their own house, and they are not allowed to be anything in their career, their husbands and in laws harass them in every way to stop their progress. On the other hand, there are very good husbands who support their wives in making her own career, and encourage them to be winners in their field of business. I really appreciate this type of couples, where the wife is supported by her husband and gifted the freedom in terms of wearing clothes of her choice and do special things in her own business.
  • Description of Painting Title –Helping Hands Size – 36by 36 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – sale price – 10,000 /- Concept "Helping Hands" is my stretched canvas 36"*36" Oil painting, I have used many techniques of fine arts in this painting, the concept behind this painting is about a more privileged woman in the society helps the less privileged woman, and hence helps forming a healthy society where all are treated at par, it feels wonderful to help and receive help from kind hearted.
  • Description of Painting Title –Garden of Success Size – 18 by 24 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 3000 /- Concept
    From generations, women have changed a lot from just being taking care of her home and kids to a successful professional in every field. She has reached at a height of achievements whether economically, socially, politically or legally. Whether a political leader like Theresa May, a first Paralympic, a 15-year-old Ellie Robinson, or the director head in Facebook, Kirthiga Reddy, women are inspiring each and every girl to think, to learn, to take decisions of her own, to live freely and to become an individual.
    In my painting, a woman from every society is moving ahead in her own way in a garden of success to make a mark in their lives so that they can inspire the change. Women in painting are living freely with a sense of self-worth, dignity and respect. The flowers (painted using knife) depict the various fields in our society which are bloomed immensely by our today’s women. Each and every girl in the world has a caliber to reach a peak of success and make her own unique identity.
  • Description of Painting Title –Change/Pariwartan Size – 24 by 18 Medium – oil colors surface – Stretched Canvas (Wooden frame) year – 2017 sale price – 4000 /- Concept Brief of painting which inspired me to paint:- Every now and then we find the atrocities on women irrespective of their age,status,education and place. There are laws ,police & court but are devoid of actions. This has made our society fear less and care not attitude. The parliament amends the laws but lacking in implementation. Until and unless there is fear nothing can be done on this and society has to come forward to catch hold of such persons .They abusers are to be exposed in front of their children/wife/sister/mother/family/society. In the painting woman which has been shown over powering the  miscreant is indicative and symbolizing people of  the society who are positive and likeminded. The society has  to be prepared and united to punch on such faces of cruelty .There has to be social awareness to eradicate the few by joining many . This has inspired me for this painting.
  • Description of Painting Title –Dance Size – 10 by 13 Medium – Acrylic colors surface – sheet year – 2008 sale price – 1430/- Concept INSPIRATION is a result of effective communication . One of the best ways of communication is DANCE. Women inspires others for a positive change through ARTS.IT can be through ,songs,dance,paintings etc Dance, drama are best medium for inspiration as it involves music, get up, an action for the people to get convinced and feel involved..
  • Description of Painting Title –Freedom of her soul Size – 16 by 20 Medium – oil colors surface – Mounted on hardboard year – 2014 sale price – 3000 /- Concept One day she realized, that although some of the things that happened in her life were out of her control, she could choose how she reacted to them, that no one was responsible for her happiness or grief, but her own believes about them, that she may not control who comes in and goes out of life, but she may choose the ones to be with, that life is all about choices she made and she will continue doing it to make her future, It was in that very moment, her soul was finally free !!
  • Description of Painting Title –Transformation Size – 12 by 14 Medium – oil colors surface – canvas year – 2017 sale price – 1000 /- Concept This art work depicts the concept that change happens inside of each of us first as we awake from the blinding emotions of envy(depicted in green)sorrow(depicted in blue)anger(depicted in red)and vanity(depicted in yellow). Women need to free their inner child and awake to their strength to make a change in this world.
  • Description of Painting Title –Untitled Size – 12 by 14 Medium – watercolors surface – sheet year – 2017 sale price – 2500 /- Concept _