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Studying online allows you to balance your course work with career, family, and other responsibilities. All our classes teach you the skills and techniques used by professional artists and designers, skills which can help you make the most of your creative abilities.Our super specialized online program is designed to help you achieve your professional and creative goals. These courses prove to be value addition to your current education.

Advantage of Online education

  • To build the most current and biggest art community of emerging artist.
  • Adding most updated knowledge to the current art education system.
  • Art education made easy. It allows you to study from home.
  • You do not have to travel anywhere, and you do save time and money because of that.
  • Flexible timing.
  • Everything you have learned or are learning will be stored in your data base.
  • The courses can be completed in short modules.
  • When you are studying online, you have access to resources from all over the world. Online educational institutions will always give a lot of references that can also be accessed online
  • Learn about emerging artist around the world and explore opportunities.

Teaching is done through pre-recorded demo, online notes, assignment and discussion forum. Each course consists of Topics.

Each Topic is opened for complete one week, for you, to login, watch the demo, read the notes and submit the assignment. To submit an assignment, simply take a picture or scan the homework assignment and upload it in the assignment forum for feedback. In-case you miss the dates of submission, the course will be left open for you.

Any one who is currently pursuing art education or wish to move in the same direction may register for classes. Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill the request info form.

How can I enroll?

The International Fine Art Academy maintains an open admissions policy for all persons who wish to obtain an education in fine arts. Any one can apply for our courses. You may register, pay tuition, and apply for admission online or by phone. For Admission please fill in the admission form.

Students who wish to apply directed studies must also write a statement of intent and submit a portfolio that demonstrates a comprehensive body of work, with a level of specialization representing the student’s chosen discipline.

If you are interested in certificate programs, or if you simply want to take a few art classes, discover more about our online program today!