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We love looking at new art and review work from dozens of prospective artists each month. If you think your artwork may be a good fit for IFAA Art Rental, we recommend you spend some time looking through our site and visit the gallery to get a sense of the type of work we carry, the prices we set, and our underlying mission.

A few very important things to keep in mind when deciding to submit your portfolio:

IFAA Art does not review portfolios with you in person.

IFAA Art exhibits unique originals, specializing in paintings, drawings and sculptures. We do not exhibit photography, digital images, video, prints, or any other serially reproduced artwork.

Work is assessed for its quality, originality, and potential to enhance the collection exhibited by IFAA Art. Our artists vary widely in terms of their age, education and experience; there is no absolute requirement.

To have your artwork considered for representation at IFAA Art please email the following to Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or receive a response..

  1. A cover letter addressing how you found out about IFAA Art and why you would like to work with us
  2. An artist resume with your exhibition history, publications, awards, and education (if applicable) in PDF or DOC format
  3. A brief statement discussing your intentions, influences, and methods of your artwork in PDF or DOC format
  4. A link to your website with images and information of 12-20 available artworks (preferred) or, 12-20 clearly labeled JPEG files at 72 dpi resolution and size no greater than 600 pixels in width. JPEG files should correspond to a separate image list.
  5. A list of the currently established retail prices of your artwork or summary of listed prices and sales history (if applicable) in PDF or DOC format.

The review process involves the voices and opinions of the entire IFAA Art staff and takes at least 6-8 weeks. IFAA Art will contact selected artists for the next step of the review process.

IFAA Art is a privately owned, commercial gallery and all represented works are for sale and/or rental. We have exclusive agreements with our represented artists. The artist agreement outlines our responsibility, offerings, and expectations. The Artist Agreement will be made available for review upon acceptance into IFAA Art.