Color Theory and Design

This hands-on class will provide students with a visual, theoretical and practical education in color. Scientific information on color, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the student’s capacity to make informed color choices in their artwork. Duration Topic Topic 1 Introduction to values scale Topic 2 Relation between color wheels & Design Project Topic [...]

Still Life in Charcoal and Pastel

This is a focused introduction to still life drawing. Students learn to indicate simple form with a single light source and then learn to paint form lights, various forms, and cast shadows. Emphasis is on composition, cropping, overlapping and placement in the picture plane. Duration Topic Topic 1 Chiaroscuro, Value and Mark making with charcoal Topic [...]

Portrait Drawing

Portrait drawing course develops the artist’s ability to represent the human figure in pictorial space. Drawings are based on observation from life and the study of old master drawings. Emphasis is placed on proportional accuracy, foreshortening and the use of form and cast shadows to achieve convincing three dimensional form. Duration Topic Topic 1 [...]