Figure Drawing in Charcoal

Figure drawing course offers an introductory study of the bones and muscles of the human body. Emphasis is placed on the dynamics of anatomical form and how it relates to figurative art. Duration Topic Topic 1 Understanding Anatomy: Male Torso Topic 2 Female Torso Topic 3 Line Drawing Anatomy Topic 4 Line Drawing Action Topic 5 [...]

Critical Thinking and Writing

It is very important to understand where you stand in the art market and what it need to progress as an artist. This course is recommend for artist who are currently producing co-hesive series of art works and are ready to apply to galleries. Topic Lesson Topic 1 Self evaluation and setting goals [...]

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Organic Art

Online Organic Art Course The Art lovers, Artists & Even common person to get realized the mystery of nature available in Organic materials having immense natural textures/colors. Why not we may develop & rejuvenate with our creative skills and do something “New” in the Art-Field. This will also create positive feelings & [...]

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Still Life Painting in Oil

Still Life Painting is a focused introduction to oil color. Students learn to indicate simple form with a single light source and then learn to paint form lights, various forms, and cast shadows. Students also gain an understanding of warm and cool colors. Emphasis is on composition, cropping, overlapping and placement in the picture plane. [...]

Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to explore abstraction and interpretation. In this course, abstraction is created from objective and non-objective sources. A strong emphasis is placed on composition, alignment, color, texture, shape relationships and paint application. Topics Lesson 1 Introduction to Abstraction, history and abstraction in today's world. [...]

Landscape/ Cityscape Painting

This is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to pursue Landscape and Cityscape Painting as their future direction. Students will create ambitious landscape paintings from studies and photographs. The course stresses complete development of large finished landscape paintings through various stages. Developing strong composition, design, light effects, and personal style will be [...]

Portrait Painting

Drawings are based on observation from life and the study of old master drawings. Emphasis is placed on proportional accuracy, foreshortening and the use of form and cast shadows to achieve convincing three dimensional form. This is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to pursue Portrait  Painting as a career. Portrait painting [...]