I am akshay sakla of bfa fourth semester have picked up the enthusiasm in the wake of returning from engineering field ,in spite of the fact that from beginning i had an enthusiasm for art in which we make our reality without anyone else’s input . art is that field in which we stablish new thing and investigate new thoughts of our idea . as in earlier year we have learnt some fundamental idea of craftsmanship yet now we are redesigning new applied work and i am particularly enlivened by this conceptual art as in this i have given another vision of my specialty ,doodling is additionally of my procedure which i generally utilized as a part of my fine art , however as on this stage more focus has been given to reasonable work where i interlink two undesirable perspective yet in the wake of making it gives another vision to my painting. i get a kick out of the chance to do this calculated work and proceeded with it assist, and attempting my level best to wind up distinctly a great youthful artist of this era.