I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I moved to Bangkok, Thailand after marriage.
It is only after my three children started school that I began to study Chinese Brush painting. This was followed by my forays into oil painting and acrylic painting. My journey continued as I learned to think and to draw on my life and emotions for subject matter. My initial paintings were figurative, drawing upon my rich Indian cultural heritage; based upon emotions associated with my children from the time of their birth till they all left home to go to university and follow their own dreams.
In 2010, I moved to Toronto, Canada because my children decided to make this their home. I enrolled in the Toronto School of Art and life was never the same again!! I embraced abstraction, collage, mixed media, paint, paper, fabric. Everyday, I discover something new and am still continuing to do so!
I have participated in two group exhibitions in Bangkok, titled “Maitrii” in 2015 and “Naree” in 2016 and will be participating in “La Femme” starting 8th March 2017. My art pieces on fabric have been displayed in private exhibitions in New York, USA.