My self opika pande from sarni dist.-betul. Opika means passions. I have completed my msc with computer science in 2013. Three years back i came indore and join a company as a web developer.
When i was working from 10am to 8pm i realise this place is not for me.i can not spent my whole life in a room and front of a computer system. I remember we all employees got a notebook to note any important thing or code. But my notebook was always full with drawings. That was the time i knew i am going in the wrong track.
When i decided to quit my job because i want to learn art in a proper way. So may question. . . It was very difficult to make this work out. But finally after a month a convinced my papa. i Joined IFAA happily.

My father is a carpenter. And he was very famous on that time for his work. now he is a government employ in a power generating company. I believe i have art in my blood because of my father. for me He is my real artist.