Myself Timir baran Mitra.I am from Kolkata,West Bengal,India ,presently residing at Bhubaneswar,Odisha State.
My date of birth is 28.06.1953
I am practicing in different format of paintings and inclined more on the paintings which speaks for itself. I do compose art work which speaks for itself. I am more comfortable in oil painting but do paintings in water colour and acrylic as well. I did my art course from IFAA online and sought certificate which has refreshed my childhood passion of paintings. The faculties of IFAA were so inspiring that I found it ultimate profession after my retirement from service. Now I cannot think of the day without sur learning and practicing paintings .
My back ground
I am a Mining Engineer by profession and now retired from coal industry. I had my passion on painting since childhood and had appreciations from different class of viewers. After my graduation in Mining engineering I joined in mining industry and passed my entire working life with the industry and family. Amidst, I continued practicing, to feed my urge for creativity, in paintings.
In the latter stage of my life,I joined IFAA and energized my skill and obtained certificate. I participated in galleries and was appreciated by the viewers. I have to work more on this for recognition.
I am learning on correlating music with paintings. My mind has the natural bend to abstract paintings.
I am residing at Bhubaneswar,Odisha