Myself, Vaishali J.Goswami, is passionate about drawing and painting since childhood. Learnt painting in my early schooling and got distinction in arts in my boards. Being an academician as my mainstream career, I always utilized my free time in painting or drawing. This always relaxed my soul. Since three years, I am giving most of my time to learn and practice various forms of painting like oil painting, Charcoal painting, soft pastel painting and knife painting and mixed media. .
Though I practice various types of paintings, I still feel there is lot to learn in field of fine arts. So I joined IFAA to get detailed knowledge and want to pursue my childhood passion professionally. I love to draw feminine figures and children, specially the expressions of beauty, shyness, peacefulness, laughter and innocence. I like drawing nature too specially flowers and birds.

Artistic vision

In my view, art is present in the form of positivity in every corner of our society, one needs to have an observing eye only. Whenever I paint, I feel peace and I get involved in my own world. Painting is like a meditation and it makes you stress-free and gives peace to mind and soul.
I want to become a realistic abstract artist. I always get fascinated by human figures, texture, composition, form and colour. I love to paint human figures and portraits with textured background. Portraying the right expressions, emotions and moods of people is my passion. I like to draw the expressions of beauty and innocence in children. I also like to paint beautiful nature specially flowers, birds, animals.

Art Biodata
1. Private education in various art forms i.e., oil painting, knife painting, charcoal painting, soft pastel painting, glass painting mixed media painting and eco friendly paintings. From well skilled masters.

2. Pursuing a University diploma of Painting from International Institute of fine arts, Indore.