Description of Painting

Title –Women Signifies World
Size – 15.5 by 19.5
Medium – Acrylic colors
surface – canvas
year – 2017
sale price – 1200 /-


My concept in regards to this work of art is devote to the life of women who dependably go along with one string to another . This five bits of wood contains the 5 components – air,water,sky,fire and earth in the comparable way women is additionally comprise of every one of the 5 components as the women is smooth as air, pure as water, brilliant as sky ,solid as flame and steady as earth. Likewise this five component is made by god by the women. As in this surface caterpillar is the primary phase of bignning, then come to butterfly has a place with flexibility and being a fairy who continually convey joy and well wishes to everybody’s life. Women power and motivation respect by the world.