Description of Painting

Title –Upskill Women
Size – 19.5 by 11.5
Medium – watercolors
surface – sheet
year – 2017
sale price – 500 /-


Its easy for woman to get lost in a sea of historic rhetoric swimming against the current,woman have had to speak louder to get their voices heard.
They have to create rooms of their own.Our list today aims to open the door and peer inside.There ae women who have found the rooms and encouraged other women to do the same.
So, here’s my painting based on a concept that today every girl is dreaming of being independent and they are entering in every possible feild.They are proving
their worth.They also proved that they can do everything they want to.
women are one-half of our human resources and we increasingly see the beneficial effects of educated women in all realms of life and in all parts of the world