Description of Painting

Title –It Designs My Feeling
Size – 13 by 18.5
Medium – acrylic colors
surface – canvas
year – 2017
sale price – 800 /-


Dim may be the lights,
but showing how it feels,
poor may be the day,
but reacting how it seems,
standing near by him,
making me alive,
sad i was feeling,
but he always guide.
seems i was not lucky,
to be for dat dy,
but later how lucky i am,
feeling fortunate that way.
this painting is all about my feelings for my father designs the life and emotions of the life of women , as what most important individual of her life is her dad who dependably remain close by. so i made this arrangement demonstrting the relationship of a women with her father that how solid holding a women have with her father. this theory of designs justify the emotions and situation of her life.