Description of Painting

Title –Nirbhaya
Size – 14 by 18
Medium – Oil
surface – canvas
year – 2017
sale price – 4000 /-


Brief of the painting which inspired me to paint:-

The news in social media highlights the inhuman behavior on girls/women by the miscreant but never with the solutions. The law takes its course but the miscreant takes the advantage of the loop holes in law and its procedure.

The women ‘NARI’ is the symbol of Shakti. It has tremendous power to destroy the “Asur” but has under mind their power of destruction because they are also the swarup of mother,sister,wife in the society. Once this Shakti awakes no body on earth dare to touch Nari with bad motives.

In the painting the agni in the heart of victim has been shown in her face to take revenge. The woman’s face is wearing baby’s froak and girls dress who were victimized .