Description of Painting

Title – Couples
Size –35 by 35
Medium – oil colors
surface – canvas
year –  2017
sale price – 9000 /-


It is my own concept art where I have used 36 colours in the background, and have applied the colour theory 4 times in a single painting with four focal points,

This painting is about two distinct types of married couples we see in the society. Traditionally many women are still in “Burkha / Parda / Ghunghat ” system , after marriage, they become maids in their own house, and they are not allowed to be anything in their career, their husbands and in laws harass them in every way to stop their progress.

On the other hand, there are very good husbands who support their wives in making her own career, and encourage them to be winners in their field of business. I really appreciate this type of couples, where the wife is supported by her husband and gifted the freedom in terms of wearing clothes of her choice and do special things in her own business.