Description of Painting

Title –Garden of Success
Size – 18 by 24
Medium – oil colors
surface – canvas
year – 2017
sale price – 3000 /-


From generations, women have changed a lot from just being taking care of her home and kids to a successful professional in every field. She has reached at a height of achievements whether economically, socially, politically or legally. Whether a political leader like Theresa May, a first Paralympic, a 15-year-old Ellie Robinson, or the director head in Facebook, Kirthiga Reddy, women are inspiring each and every girl to think, to learn, to take decisions of her own, to live freely and to become an individual.
In my painting, a woman from every society is moving ahead in her own way in a garden of success to make a mark in their lives so that they can inspire the change. Women in painting are living freely with a sense of self-worth, dignity and respect. The flowers (painted using knife) depict the various fields in our society which are bloomed immensely by our today’s women. Each and every girl in the world has a caliber to reach a peak of success and make her own unique identity.