Description of Painting

Title –Change/Pariwartan
Size – 24 by 18
Medium – oil colors
surface – Stretched Canvas (Wooden frame)
year – 2017
sale price – 4000 /-


Brief of painting which inspired me to paint:-

Every now and then we find the atrocities on women irrespective of their age,status,education and place. There are laws ,police & court but are devoid of actions. This has made our society fear less and care not attitude. The parliament amends the laws but lacking in implementation. Until and unless there is fear nothing can be done on this and society has to come forward to catch hold of such persons .They abusers are to be exposed in front of their children/wife/sister/mother/family/society. In the painting woman which has been shown over powering the  miscreant is indicative and symbolizing people of  the society who are positive and likeminded.

The society has  to be prepared and united to punch on such faces of cruelty .There has to be social awareness to eradicate the few by joining many .

This has inspired me for this painting.