Timir Baran Mitra, is from Kolkata,West Bengal and presently residing at Bhubaneswar, Odisha State. Mitra born on 28 of July 1953, practices different format of paintings and is inclined more on the paintings which speaks for itself. He is presently practicing to compose paintings based on popular music.

A Mining Engineer by profession and now retired, he was passionate about creating artworks (mostly paintings) since childhood and had appreciations from different class of viewers. After his graduation in Mining engineering, he joined the mining industry and passed his entire working life with the industry and family. Amidst, he continued practicing, to feed his urge for creativity in paintings.

In the latter stage of his life, he joined IFAA and energised his skill and obtained certificate. He participated in galleries shows and his work of art is appreciated by the viewers. Currently he is working on correlating music with paintings. His brain has natural inclination to abstract paintings

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