BFA in Painting

//BFA in Painting

BFA in Painting

The BFA program teaches students the creative and technical skills needed to thrive as career artists. Advanced instruction is offered in non-figurative and figurative fine art, including painting, applied arts, and printmaking. Our Painting department has one of the most current and advanced knowledge of its kind, and our state-of-the-art printmaking facilities merge traditional tools with cutting edge technology.

Type: Regular On-campus at Indore
Level: Graduate Degree
Duration: 4 Year
Eligibility: 10+2 in Any Discipline From Any Recognized Board with 50% Aggregate.
Course intake: Admission Closed for 2018
Scholarship For: ST/ SC/ OBC
Institution Code: 55647
Program Code: 8301
Tuition Fee: INR40000 per year
University: Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior

Course Subjects Overview

Year I – Color Theory, Composition, Still Life, Print Making, Sculpture, Applied Arts and theory subjects (Charcoal, Soft Pastels, Poster Color, Watercolor, Print Inks and Clay)

Year II – Portrait Drawing, Outdoor Sketching, Figurative Composition, Figure Drawing and theory subjects (Charcoal, Soft Pastels, Poster Color, Watercolor)

Year III –  Portrait Painting, Outdoor Sketching,  Composition,  Figure Drawing and theory subjects (Water Color, Pen and Ink, Acrylic Colors, Oil Colors, and Mix Media)

Year IV –  Project work and Thesis,  Composition, Figure Drawing, Creative Thinking and theory subjects ( Acrylic Colors, Oil Colors, and Mix Media)

Theory Subjects

  • Entrepreneurship Development Part I & II
  • Environmental studies Part I & II
  • History of Art Part I, II, III, IV & V
  • Aesthetics Part I, II & III
  • Fundamental of Arts Part I & II
  • Method and Materials Part I, II, III, IV, V & IV

Special Programs and Add-ons

  Workshops by International National Awarded Artists
  Cross Culture Experience
  Online Campus with complete BFA Syllabus
  Art Business Course
  Project Works and Internships
  E-Learning Solutions
  Artist’s Website
  Art Appreciation
  Critical Thinking & Writing

Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students will meet the following student performance criteria:

Visual Interaction in Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture

  • Create an identical body of work demonstrating proficiency in an exceeding breadth of art disciplines
  • Demonstrate effective use of proportion and gesture
  • Demonstrate effective use of perspective
  • Understanding of three-dimensional composition, crafting (technical skill) and applying underlying conception to the general carved answer.
  • Demonstrate basic skills of simple and complex composition
  • Demonstrate effective use of color theory
  • Use value effectively
  • Apply anatomical information to accurately draw the human figures
  • Demonstrate attainment and fine attention to detail
  • Use acceptable vogue and techniques to effectively execute concepts
  • Understand Values, Light and Shadow
  • Demonstrate creation and distortion

Method and Material

  • In Painting understand material and methods in Fine Arts.
  • In Printmaking understand techniques of Lino Cut and Design
  • In Sculpture) explore different tools and its uses.

Critical Thinking, Writing, and Analysis

  • Explore and clearly articulate concepts and creative possibilities with a given topic or subject
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of concept and execution of a given artwork

Professional Communication and Readiness

  • Describe work effectively
  • Produce a professional-standard portfolio of well-crafted artwork demonstrating coherence and personal vision

Benefits with IFAA

Graduates of the International Fine Art Academy will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Produce work appropriate for seeking skilled opportunities in their chosen field of art and style.
  • Solve inventive issues inside their field of art and style, as well as analysis and synthesis of technical, aesthetic, and abstract data.
  • Communicate concepts professionally and connect through visual, oral, and written presentation skills.
  • A supported environment for the understanding of art and style principles.
  • Recognize the influence of major cultural and aesthetic trends, historical and modern, on art.
  • Learn the skilled skills and behaviors necessary to vie within the international marketplace for art and style.

Teaching Method

At Indore Campus, lecturer and the practical session begins from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. Saturday is reserved for project works/ outdoor session/ workshop or Eminent Artist’s visit to the campus. The lecture begins at 10:00 am sharp. All students must be present in class, ready with art supplies for the lecture. 70% attendance is a must. Teaching method includes demonstration and discussion. All assignment must be submitted online for grading.

How and who can apply?

Anyone can apply and become an Artist! Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill-in the mail-me-information form available on all course pages or click here.

How can I enrol??

The International Fine Art Academy maintains an open admissions policy for all persons who wish to obtain an education in fine arts. Anyone can apply for our courses. You may register, pay tuition, and apply for admission online. For Admission please fill in the admission form.

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