Still Life in Watercolors

This is a focused introduction to still life in watercolour. Students learn to indicate simple form with a single light source and then learn to paint form lights, various forms, and cast shadows. Emphasis is on composition, cropping, overlapping and placement in the picture plane.

Duration Topic
Topic 1 Introduction to supplies
Topic 2 Wash technique
Topic 3 Layering in watercolors
Topic 4 Depth
Topic 5 Texture
Topic 6 Transparency
Topic 7 Drapery
Topic 8 Motifs and patterns
Topic 9 Reflection
Topic 10 Dry brush technique
” I’m feeling glad to share my experience with you. I enrolled ifaa foundation course since April 2013. I enjoy portrait painting, colour theory and still life with Pooja, organic painting with Basant soni sir. All ifaa teachers instruct us very clearly and in very simple way. I am improving my painting skills with ifaa teachers. Really Ifaa is doing great job.!! For all instructors hats off!!!!!!!Thanks. “
Padmashri Goswami, IFAA Diploma in Fine Art

Required Art Supplies

  1. Watercolors – Cad Yellow,  Sap green, Cerulean Blue, Vermillion Red, Persian Blue, Burnt Sienna, Crimson Lake, Vardian Green
  2. Brush Round 12, 10, 6, 2, 0 Flat 1 inch
  3. Palette A regular palate
  4. Paper Cartridge Sheet OR Hand Made Sheet OR Buff Sheet OR Fabiano Cannas. 15 pieces of any one of the above in size 12 by 16 inches. You may also go for assorted sheets depending upon your budget.
  5. Board Plywood or drawing board or masonite board or glass.
  6. Masking Tape white or black
  7. Water container 2
  8. Lots of rough cloth or paper towels Pencil, eraser, ruler etc.

Teaching Method

Teaching is done through pre-recorded demo, online notes, assignment and discussion forum. Each subject consists of Topics. Each Topic is opens as you complete the earlier topic respectively. To complete a topic you need to login, watch the demo, read the notes and submit the assignment. To submit an assignment, simply take a picture or scan the homework assignment and upload it in the assignment forum for feedback. Instructors may provide your with a review with 24-48 hours.

How and who can apply?

Any one can apply and become an Artist! Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill-in the mail-me-information form available on all course pages or click here.

The International Fine Art Academy maintains an open admissions policy for all persons who wish to obtain an education in fine arts. Any one can apply for our courses. You may register, pay tuition, and apply for admission online. For Admission please fill in the admission form.

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