Hello everyone,

Congratulations on deciding to become a part of the art world. A unique video of Picasso discussing abstract shapes, recorded in the 1960s, still serves as a great learning tool for many artists today. In 2009, I took my first online art lesson and found it to be a very resourceful experience. I loved the flexibility of being able to study from any location at any time. I also enjoyed the short and long discussions, the ability to view the lecture multiple times, and most of all, the opportunity for my teacher to engage in discussions and resolve queries rather than just demonstrate techniques.

Art subjects encourage self-expression, creativity, and can help build confidence and a sense of individual identity. Here at IFAA, my team and I have been working hard to prepare both online and on-campus content to open up opportunities for self-exploration and self-expression.

You can study Color Theory & Design online with me on academy.ifaaonline.com. I am Pooja Jain, the founder of IFAA, India’s first online art education portal. I hold a MFA in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA, and a BFA in Fine Art from Indira Kala Vishwa Vidhyalaya, India. With a keen interest in art and technology, I continue to explore various means of bringing art education online.

Thank you and happy learning!

Pooja Jain
Pooja JainFounder

International Fine Art Academy is a trust branch led by eminent artists to promote creation, enjoyment and art career. IFAA is a part of Contemporary Art Society Indore working towards promoting online education.

With a dedication to pursuit excellence, IFAA provides great education with greater flexibility in Fine Arts and various Indian Art practices. It’s our mission to take your talent and passion and help channel that energy into a productive and fulfilling career. That means giving you the education, skills, and experience so you’re prepared for the world of opportunity that exists for creative thinkers like you.


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The Right Time.

Our dedicated staff members are ready to assist you with each step of the admissions process, and look forward to helping you reach your educational and career goals. See below for our three-step admissions process.


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Join our student body to discover what we have to offer, including…

  • A creative, collaborative community that shares your energy. Interact and learn from artists over 15 countries to see just how lively and interesting an art world can be.
  • Advisors and academicians who inspire and mentor. They’ll guide you as they respect and nurture your unique talent.
  • Innovative and flexible online art education to see your vision come to life.
  • A nationwide network of artists to help connect with art markets and galleries. That means connecting you to entry-level opportunities in the creative economy.
  • Super specialized programs in your respective area of focus.
  • No matter which career path you choose, there’s never been a better time to follow it to a creative career—starting with international fine art academy, an online education system that gives you the tools you need to build the future you want.

How and who can apply?

Anyone can apply and become an Artist! Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill-in the mail-me-information form available on all course pages or click here.