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Miniature Painting: Jaipur School

National Awardee Shri Hanuman Saini, born in 1969, is from Sanganer Jaipur, Rajasthan. Knee towards arts, Saini started practicing miniature art at the age of 15 years. During his art learning and practice, his fascination towards Jaipur, Kishangarh, Kangda, Bundi, Mewar and Muhgal school. Jaipur School inspired him adapt this traditional art practice of Rajasthan. He was awarded National Award by Honourable Previous President Shri Pranab Mukherjee in 2015.  At present he is working as full time artist in Jaipur. Type: Online Level: Beginner & Intermediate Duration: 10 Lessons Eligibility: Anyone can enrol Tuition Fee: INR4000/- Kit: Includes 3 wasli sheet and set of 8 miniature painting traditional brushes (Free courier within India) December 9, 2015 Former President of His Excellency Mr Pranab Mukherjee awarded Humunam Saini with National Award for his excellence miniature painting work Swarglok. December 9, 2015 at he [...]


BFA in Applied Arts (DOL)

The BFA Applied Arts program teaches students the creative and technical skills needed to thrive as career artists. Instruction is offered in Advertising Design and Communication Design, including Corporate Identity Design, Package Design, and Commercial Reproduction. Our Graphic department has one of the most current and advanced knowledge of its kind in India, and our state-of-the-art printmaking facilities merge traditional tools with cutting edge technology. Type: Distance and Online Level: Graduate Degree Duration: 4 Years Eligibility: 10+2 in Any Discipline From Any Recognized Board with 50% Aggregate. Course intake: Admission Open Tuition Fee: INR40000 per year University: Shri Krishna University, Chhatarpur Course Subjects Overview Year I - Color Theory, Composition, Still Life, Print Making, Sculpture, Applied Arts and theory subjects (Charcoal, Soft Pastels, Poster Color, Water Color, and Clay) Year II - Graphic Design, Corporate Identity Design, Media Advertisement, Commercial Reproduction, and theory subjects Year III -  Outdoor Advertising Design, Calligraphy, [...]

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Traditional Art of India – Taarkashi

Shilpguru Shri Ram Swaroop Sharma, born in 1955, was awarded by Shilpguru award in 2014 by Honourable Previous President Shri Pranab Mukherjee. He started this work at the age of 15 years and in last 5 decades have won various prestigious award for his contribution in Taarkashi work. He has also trained 250 craftsman for Taarkashi. Have traveled to Germany, South Africa and England presenting Traditional Art of India - Taarkashi Shilguru Award 2014 National Award 2008 National Merit Award 1988 National Merit Award 1996 Winner of first state award of Rajasthan 1983-84 for Taarkashi Raja Bhawant Das Award 2006 Sajjan Singh Award 2017 by Maharana of Mewar Foundation In the North western provinces of India, the rich and the wealthy, bored  of the contemporary usage of craving on wood desired their doors and storage Sandooks to be ornate with the glitter of silver and gold shining [...]

Traditional Art of India : Thikri

Maniram Dogra, born in 1964, is originally from Himachal Pradesh. Knee towards arts, Maniram started learning painting under Shri Rajendra Singh and Shri Shyam Singh in Jaipur at the age of 15 years. During his art learning and practice, his fascination towards Thikri Art at Amer fort Jaipur inspired him adapt this traditional art practice of Rajasthan. At present he is working as full time thikri and mural artist in Jaipur. The history of mirror mosaic work popularly known as ‘inlay’ in India goes as back asthe Sheesh Mahal (palace of mirrors) constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1631. Adorned with pietra dura (stone inlay) and complex mirror-work of the finest quality creating gleaming effect in the royal halls and courtyards, the Mahals of Rajasthan are a reflection of the sumptuous lifestyle of the Rajput royalty in medieval times. To replicate the regalia and opulence of the palace, many a rich Marvadi merchants of Shekhawati got numerous skilled [...]

Portrait Painting

Drawings are based on observation from life and the study of old master drawings. Emphasis is placed on proportional accuracy, foreshortening and the use of form and cast shadows to achieve convincing three dimensional form. This is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to pursue Portrait  Painting as a career. Portrait painting course develops the artist’s ability to represent the human figure in pictorial space. Topic Lesson 1 The Planes of the head Part 2 Value pattern (rhythm), what is it, how to use it? 3 Oil painting basics: Materials, medium, mark making, cleaning, 5 Value scale, Monochrome painting. 4 Setting up the model’s light /Monochrome painting. 5 Edges, types of edges, and edge control to create a focal point. 6 Basic color theory. Value and color relationship using the color wheel and its relationship with the value scale. 7  Limited palette. Features: Eyes 8 Limited palette. Feature: [...]

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Landscape/ Cityscape Painting

This is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to pursue Landscape and Cityscape Painting as their future direction. Students will create ambitious landscape paintings from studies and photographs. The course stresses complete development of large finished landscape paintings through various stages. Developing strong composition, design, light effects, and personal style will be encouraged. Topic Lesson Topic 1 Introduction to Values Topic 2 Introduction to Plane Change Topic 3 How to Paint trees Topic 4 How to Paint Could Topic 5 Introduction to Architectural Shapes Topic 6 Objects in Landscape Topic 7 Reflection In Water Topic 8 Seascape Topic 9 Cityscape Night Topic 10 Course Sum-up Indian culture is surely rich in Art but unfortunately the education system is not. No one really encourages kids to find out what their passion is. Just three standard slabs for most kids - Arts, Science and Commerce. By the time we realize what gives fulfilment to our soul, [...]

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Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a focused course for Student and Artist who wish to explore abstraction and interpretation. In this course, abstraction is created from objective and non-objective sources. A strong emphasis is placed on composition, alignment, color, texture, shape relationships and paint application. Topics Lesson 1 Introduction to Abstraction, history and abstraction in today's world. 2 Semi-Abstract and Abstract Paintings. 3 Semi Abstract Still Life Painting. 4 Semi Abstract Portrait and Figures. 5 Palette Knife Painting 6 Collage and paper cut outs. 7 Texture on canvas 8 Mix Medium 9 Expressive Painting 10 Conceptual Art Demo "I found IFAA course on Google. I didn't know much about it, but after joining I came to know that an online class is as good as any other class, in fact even better for those people who don't have the time to attend an actual class. Students can [...]

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Still Life Painting in Oil

Still Life Painting is a focused introduction to oil color. Students learn to indicate simple form with a single light source and then learn to paint form lights, various forms, and cast shadows. Students also gain an understanding of warm and cool colors. Emphasis is on composition, cropping, overlapping and placement in the picture plane. Topic Lesson Topic 1 Introduction to values scale in still life. Topic 2 Semi-palette still life painting. Topic 3 Full- palette Still Life Painting. Topic 4 Introduction to metal objects. Topic 5 Introduction to glass objects. Topic 6 Introduction to ceramic and motifs. Topic 7 Introduction to Drapery. Topic 8 Dramatic and Ambiance Light Topic 9 High-Key Painting Topic 10 Low-key Painting Art and music are my passions. Being in the army there's hardly any time for these things that one loves from the heart. For me it is a beautiful opportunity to learn without any restrictions of time and geographic location. [...]

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Organic Art

Online Organic Art Course The Art lovers, Artists & Even common person to get realized the mystery of nature available in Organic materials having immense natural textures/colors. Why not we may develop & rejuvenate with our creative skills and do something “New” in the Art-Field. This will also create positive feelings & love for our nature.” Moreover, creative use of Creators resources.  Eco-friendly Art does not impact the environment or waste the paper and therefore trees. Earnestly by using Organic thrown-out materials which could have been perished with course of time.  But it is one of the natural gift in rarest forms to create through ONLY nature. With this concept, one can apply aesthetic sense, Originality of imagination, expression power, creative skills associated with inner intuition to do wonders in the ART Field.” Type: Online Level: Flexible Learning Duration: 10 Topics Eligibility: Age 14+ Course Intake: Learn on your own schedule Duration Topic Topic 1 [...]

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Critical Thinking and Writing

It is very important to understand where you stand in the art market and what it need to progress as an artist. This course is recommend for artist who are currently producing co-hesive series of art works and are ready to apply to galleries. Topic Lesson Topic 1 Self evaluation and setting goals Topic 2 Understanding art World and where you stand Topic 3 Artist Presentation Part I Topic 4 Artist Presentation Part II Topic 5 What is takes to apply art galleries? Topic 6 How to Write an Effective Artist Biography? Topic 7 Artist's Website Page Topic 8 Photographing your ArtPage Topic 9 Gallery Checklist Topic 10 Exhibition Checklist was studying Architecture in BNCA, Pune for a year but due to some health issues doctor strictly said me to quit. That is an but I feel in today's generation a girl can't be just studying Bachelor's degree (in Commerce). Saw Online Art education advertising and [...]

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