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“PORTRAIT PAINTING WITH RAMOS IS A GOOD EXPERIENCE. I could improve my painting skills. previously features in painting takes long time and strain. After this course I could get it in 2 days.

Ramana Chavali, Portrait Painting

“I have learned a lot from Pooja and Basant Soni Sir. I like the new feature of sharing art with our batch mates and the video critique. It makes more easy for us to get inspired as well as understand our mistakes easily.”

Aarti Sharma, Foundation Course

“IFAA is a great platform for people who are really interested in fine arts . It has been a wonderful journey with IFAA and I have learned a lot here. IFAA Faculty is really good…they are very prompt and always supportive. It’s a great feeling to be a part of IFAA:)”

Puja Bhatnagar, Foundation Course