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” I’m feeling glad to share my experience with you. I enrolled ifaa foundation course since April 2013. I enjoy portrait painting with Albert, colour theory and still life with Pooja, organic painting with Basant soni sir. All ifaa teachers instruct us very clearly and in very simple way. I am improving my painting skills with ifaa teachers. Really Ifaa is doing great job.!! For all instructors hats off!!!!!!!Thanks. “
Padmashri Goswami
“I am happy to share my experience with IFAA. I am enrolled in the foundation course. IFAA is the pioneer in Online Art Education in India. While internationally, the online medium has already gained foothold in this field, in India it is still unheard of. The academy has helped me to get a step closer to fulfilling my passion and it can be a boon to so many more who don’t have the reach to acclaimed artists nor the time, means or situation for attending art college. The classes are detailed and techniques explained very clearly and simply. The new blog and messaging part makes it easy for students to interact with each other and learn from each other’s works thus making it almost like a physical campus. I am happy to say that I have had a wonderful and satisfying experience with IFAA. Thank you so much!”
Rashida Kalangi
“PORTRAIT PAINTING WITH RAMOS IS A GOOD EXPERIENCE. I could improve my painting skills. previously features in painting takes long time and strain. After this course I could get it in 2 days.”
Ramana Chavali
“IFAA is a great platform for people who are really interested in fine arts . It has been a wonderful journey with IFAA and I have learned a lot here. IFAA Faculty is really good…they are very prompt and always supportive. It’s a great feeling to be a part of IFAA:)).
Puja Bhatnagar
“I have been studying Foundation course with ifaa since april 2013. I would like to say that i am having a wonderful time with you.You are extremely helpful,informative and very prompt in your servicing.I was initially very skeptical in joining this course that i had to ask you about your credibility…definitely no regrets, and i have obviously played my cards well in choosing this site among the rest online. Hats of to ifaa guys!!You are doing an amazing work!! May you be blessed to greater heights!!!!!”
Dimple Rajesh
“I have enrolled for the portrait course with Albert Ramos and so far the classes have been very interesting and his teaching methods have been excellent and helpful in getting the basic concepts of portrait painting right, which is essential in improving my drawings. The staff have also been very accomodating with all my queries and i am glad that ifaa has offered this substantial and unique platform for people who wish to pursue their art. Good learning experience. Many Thanks~!”
Ajungla Imchen
I have always aspired to be in creative arts.. I ended up being a middleware admin in the IT industry.. It is tough to stay in touch with your creative self with a hectic schedule. We also feel a bit clueless and I often wished to follow some course that would help me brush up my creativity.. The IFAA course has opened new vistas for the Indian population.. The best is the feedback we get after submission of every assignment.. It gives the feel of a realtime course.. Breaking all barriers of time and our current state in life..Pooja ma’am I think you have done a commendable job of connecting us all and creating a virtual campus for learning..
Priyanka Kutharia
“I found IFAA course on Google. I didn’t know much about it, but after joining I came to know that an online class is as good as any other class, in fact even better for those people who don’t have the time to attend an actual class. Students can attend the lectures whenever they want. I think IFAA is doing a wonderful job. I must congratulate IFAA on all the good work. Thanks.”
Tahera Khan
“I have learned a lot from Pooja  and Basant Soni Sir. I like the new feature of sharing art with our batch mates and the video critique. It makes more easy for us to get inspired as well as understand our mistakes easily. “
Aarti Sharma