What are Tones?

Tones – Pure color + Gray

Tones are created by adding gray to […]

What are Tones?2022-11-26T07:45:09+00:00

What are Tertiary Colors?

Tertiary Colors

tertiary color or intermediate color is a color made by mixing […]

What are Tertiary Colors?2022-11-24T15:27:20+00:00

Secondary Colors

The secondary colors- orange, green and purple are th product […]

Secondary Colors2022-11-22T10:52:11+00:00

What are primary colors?

Primary Colors

Most color theories with the three primary colors red, […]

What are primary colors?2022-11-22T10:50:11+00:00

How to we perceive color?

Color and vision

We see color through a complex physiological system […]

How to we perceive color?2022-11-21T15:44:39+00:00

What is Color?


Color is perhaps the most important aspect of your visual […]

What is Color?2022-11-21T15:38:22+00:00

What is Focal Point?

Focal Point

Examine the uses of emphasis and contrast to create […]

What is Focal Point?2022-11-20T17:48:58+00:00

What is value in art?


Value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of a […]

What is value in art?2022-11-19T14:56:32+00:00
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