A shape is an enclosed object. Shapes can be created by line, or by color and value changes which define their edges. A single shape cannot exist without generating another (negative) shape. Gradation in tone and color can break down the definition of individual shapes causing them to blend and merge with adjoining shapes. in shape, or a shape that has volume. Form can be measured, from top to bottom (height), side to side (width), and from back to front (depth). Form is also defined by light and dark.

There are two types of form, geometric (man-made) and natural (organic form).

Geometric shapes

Two-dimensional shapes created by exact mathematical laws; oval, circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Form The appearance of 3 dimensions (3D).

Organic Shapes

Shapes with a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance. For this reason, they are often also referred to as curvilinear shapes. Examples of organic shapes include the shapes of leaves, plants, and animals.