Figure Drawing in Charcoal

Figure drawing course offers an introductory study of the bones and muscles of the human body. Emphasis is placed on the dynamics of anatomical form and how it relates to figurative art.

Duration Topic
Topic 1 Understanding Anatomy: Male Torso
Topic 2 Female Torso
Topic 3 Line Drawing Anatomy
Topic 4 Line Drawing Action
Topic 5 Male Torso Rendering
Topic 6 Male Torso Rendering Continues
Topic 7 Female Torso Rendering
Topic 8 Male Torso Rendering Continue
Topic 9 Male Torso Rendering
Topic 10 Female Torso Rendering
I am surprised to know that so many students from different walks of life are pursuing online art studies at IFAA. I pursued my first online course with IFAA and was thoroughly happy and satisfied with the course. For me too, like most other students it was the convenience of studying from home without any constraints. Being a mother/ housewife/ freelance artist it would have been impossible to attend a full time college. The major benefit of an online class is that u can see the demo umpteen no of times, get personal feedback, interact with other students all from the comfort of your own home! Plus it’s cost effective.
Khursheed Raja

Required Art Supplies

  1. Charcoal Pencils HB, 2b, 4b, 6b
  2. Charcoal Sticks (wine or willow or any soft charcoal not compressed charcoal)
  3. Cartridge or Charcoal Sheets A2 or A3 size
  4. Kneaded Eraser –
  5. Stomps (optional) –

Teaching Method

Teaching is done through pre-recorded demo, online notes, assignment and discussion forum. Each subject consists of Topics. Each Topic is opens as you complete the earlier topic respectively. To complete a topic you need to login, watch the demo, read the notes and submit the assignment. To submit an assignment, simply take a picture or scan the homework assignment and upload it in the assignment forum for feedback. Instructors may provide your with a review with 24-48 hours.

How and who can apply?

Any one can apply and become an Artist! Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill-in the mail-me-information form available on all course pages or click here.

The International Fine Art Academy maintains an open admissions policy for all persons who wish to obtain an education in fine arts. Any one can apply for our courses. You may register, pay tuition, and apply for admission online. For Admission please fill in the admission form.

If you are interested in certificate programs, or if you simply want to take a few art classes, discover more about our online program today!

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