IFAA Advance Diploma in Painting

Type:Online learning
Level:Advance Diploma
Semesters:8 Semesters( 24 subjects)
Duration: 87 Weeks (10 weeks + 1 week break + 10 weeks…..)
Eligibility:Anyone can enrol
Course Intake:Admission open
Tuition Fee:INR48000/- OR USD600 (Instalment option available)
I (1-10 Weeks)Color Theory & DesignPoster or Gauche Colors10
I (1-10 Weeks)Still Life DrawingCharcoal and Pastels10
I (1-10 Weeks)Mandana PaintingPoster Colors10
II (11-20 Weeks)Print Making BasicMix Media10
II (11-20 Weeks)Portrait DrawingCharcoal and Pencil10
II (11-20 Weeks)Phad PaintingPoster Colors10
III (21-30 Weeks)Figure DrawingPencil, Pen, and Ink10
III (21-30 Weeks)Still Life PaintingWatercolor10
III (21-30 Weeks)Miniature PaintingPoster Colors10
IV (21-30 Weeks)Still Life PaintingOil Colors10
IV (31-40 Weeks)Portrait PaintingAcrylic Colors10
IV (31-40 Weeks)Pichwai Painting by Dinesh SoniPoster, Acrylic Colors10
V (41-50 Weeks)Landscape PaintingWatercolor10
V (41-50 Weeks)Portrait Painting IIOil Colors10
V (41-50 Weeks)Deccan Gold Leaf Pichwai Painting by Sharad SoniPoster, Acrylic Colors10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Abstract and InterpretationOil Colors10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Landscape PaintingOil Colors10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Thikri ArtMirror and Clay3
VI (51-60 Weeks)Advance Figure PaintingOil Colors10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Print Making AdvanceLino Cut and Print ink10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Art BusinessTheory10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Directed Studies10
VI (51-60 Weeks)Portfolio Development10
VIII (51-60 Weeks)Organic, Kavaad & Tarkashi ArtMix Media10

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IFAA Diploma in Arts is an excellent introduction to the study of contemporary fine art. The course encourages individual creativity while giving a solid grounding in the practical and the aesthetic. It provides an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for progression to further or higher education in Fine Art or simply for further independent study. The course begins with a structured introduction to fine art and its fundamental used by an artist.

This courses will introduce students to a wide range of drawing processes and materials, providing the opportunity to extend and deepen their understanding of the role of drawing in creative development.

How can I enrol?

The International Fine Art Academy maintains an open admissions policy for all persons who wish to obtain an education in fine arts. Anyone who mets the requirement can apply for our courses. You may register, pay tuition, and apply for admission online. For Admission please fill in the ADMISSION FORM.

Teaching Method

Teaching is done through pre-recorded demo, online notes, assignment and discussion forum. Each subject consists of Topics. Each Topic is opens as you complete the earlier topic respectively. To complete a topic you need to login, watch the demo, read the notes and submit the assignment. To submit an assignment, simply take a picture or scan the homework assignment and upload it in the assignment forum for feedback. Instructors may provide your with a review with 24-48 hours.

How and who can apply?

Anyone can apply and become an Artist! Students may apply online or by phone. For more information about admissions at the Academy, please fill-in the mail-me-information form available on all course pages or click here.