IFAA Certificate in Painting

Enhance your artistic journey with our IFAA Certificate in Painting, an immersive online learning program. Tailored for enthusiasts at any skill level, this 6-month journey unfolds across 3 semesters, diving deep into the heart of painting.

Program Details:

  • Type: Online Learning
  • Level: Certificate
  • Duration: 6 months, across 3 semesters featuring 9 subjects
  • Eligibility: Open to everyone
  • Course Intake: Admission open year-round
  • Tuition Fee: INR 20,000/- or USD 250 (Installment options available)

Curriculum Highlights:

  1. Color Theory & Design: Discover the essentials of color through practical applications.
  2. Still Life Drawing & Mandana Painting: Learn the nuances of charcoal, pastels, and poster colors.
  3. Advanced Techniques: Delve into print making, portrait drawing, and the traditional Phad painting.
  4. Specialized Skills: Develop in figure drawing, still life, and miniature painting with diverse mediums.

Enrollment Process: Joining is straightforward with our open admissions policy. Simply register online, complete the payment, and embark on your artistic venture.

Educational Approach: Our method involves pre-recorded demos, comprehensive online notes, and interactive assignments for a holistic learning experience.

For more information and to enroll, visit the IFAA Certificate in Painting page.

Semester Subject Medium Lessons
I (1-10 Weeks) Color Theory & Design Poster or Gauche Colors 10
I (1-10 Weeks) Still Life Drawing Charcoal and Pastels 10
I (1-10 Weeks) Mandana Painting Poster Colors 10
II (11-20 Weeks) Print Making Basic Mix Media 10
II (11-20 Weeks) Portrait Drawing Charcoal and Pencil 10
II (11-20 Weeks) Phad Painting Poster Colors 10
III (21-30 Weeks) Figure Drawing Pencil, Pen, and Ink 10
III (21-30 Weeks) Still Life Painting Watercolor 10
III (21-30 Weeks) Miniature Painting Poster Colors 10

Teaching Method

Teaching is done through pre-recorded demo, online notes, assignment and discussion forum. Each subject consists of Topics. Each Topic is opens as you complete the earlier topic respectively. To complete a topic you need to login, watch the demo, read the notes and submit the assignment. To submit an assignment, simply take a picture or scan the homework assignment and upload it in the assignment forum for feedback. Instructors may provide your with a review with 24-48 hours.

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