Flexible Learning

Overview: Dive into the world of art with our Flexible Learning program, designed to fit your schedule. This online learning experience is perfect for anyone eager to explore their artistic potential, regardless of their background or skill level.

Program Details:

  • Type: Online Learning
  • Level: Flexible for all skill levels
  • Duration: 10 Weeks, covering 3 subjects
  • Eligibility: Open to all
  • Course Intake: Rolling admissions
  • Tuition Fee: INR 8,000


  1. Color Theory & Design (10 Weeks): Master the fundamentals of color using Poster or Gouache Colors.
  2. Elective Subject (10 Weeks): Choose Anyone Subject (Example Still Life Drawing or Landscape Painting), exploring choice of your medium.
  3. Mandana Painting (10 Weeks): Discover the traditional Indian art form using Poster Colors.

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How to Enroll: The International Fine Art Academy welcomes everyone with an open admissions policy. Enroll online by completing the ADMISSION FORM, paying the tuition fee, and starting your journey towards artistic mastery.

Teaching Method: Our innovative approach includes pre-recorded demos, online notes, assignments, and a discussion forum. Progress through topics at your own pace, submitting assignments online for feedback.

Become an Artist with Us: No prior experience needed! Apply online or by phone. For more details, visit our Flexible Learning page.

Unlock the endless possibilities of art with our Flexible Learning program, tailored for individuals who aspire to blend creativity into their daily lives. Fine art is not just a skill; it’s a pathway to personal discovery, emotional depth, and intellectual expansion. Our program is designed for everyone, from beginners to advanced artists, offering a unique opportunity to explore, create, and connect with art at your own pace. Experience how art can transform your perspective, enrich your life, and open up a world of creativity.

  1. Abstract Art: Explore abstract art to express unique artistic voices.
  2. Critical Thinking and Writing: Enhances artistic perspectives through critical skills.
  3. Deccan Gold Leaf Pichwai: Learn gold leaf techniques in Pichwai art.
  4. Figure Drawing in Charcoal and Ink: Introduction to drawing figures with emphasis on anatomy.
  5. Kavaad Art: Discover storytelling through the traditional Kavaad art.
  6. Landscape Painting in Oil: Techniques for capturing nature in oil paint.
  7. Mandana Art: Traditional Rajasthani Mandana art instruction.
  8. Miniature Painting: Dive into the detailed world of miniature paintings.
  9. Organic Art: Create art using natural and organic materials.
  10. Phad Painting: Learn the vibrant Rajasthani storytelling art form.
  11. Pichwai Painting: Ancestral techniques of Pichwai painting explored.
  12. Portrait in Charcoal: Charcoal techniques for depicting human faces.
  13. Portrait Painting in Acrylics: Acrylic techniques for capturing expressions.
  14. Portrait Painting in Oil: Observational skills in oil portrait painting.
  15. Printmaking: Explore creating art through traditional printmaking processes.
  16. Still Life in Charcoal: Introduction to charcoal still life drawing.
  17. Still Life in Watercolor: Watercolor techniques for still life.
  18. Still Life Painting in Oil: Focused introduction to oil still life painting.
  19. Tarkashi Art: Learn the fine art of embedding metal in wood.
  20. Thikri Art: Explore traditional Indian glass art form, Thikri.
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